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Muscle Car Restoration

The late 50s, 60s and early 70s were the era of the American muscle car and cheap gasoline. Every manufacturer got into the act building 2-door coupes with large displacement, high performance V-8 engines producing massive horsepower and torque. In the 60s muscle cars spanned all models from the full-size to compacts and everything in between. Muscle car purists only consider midsized cars to be true muscle machines, 10 pounds per horsepower was the target power to weight ratio, this group includes; the Chevrolet Chevelle, the Dodge Charger, Plymouth Road Runner and the Pontiac GTO. However most people consider any luxury, compact or pony car of this era with 390+ horsepower a muscle car.

60s muscle cars were built with straight-line acceleration as their primary purpose while sacrificing handling and braking. V-8 engine  sizes grew to over 400 cubic inches and horsepower ratings climbed to well over 400 hp right from the factory. Making these cars exhilarating and dangerous to drive.Chevelle SS

In the early 70s rising gas prices, fuel shortages, gasoline octane reduction, the Clean Air Act, safety regulations and premium insurance rates for high performance vehicles all combined to end the first muscle car era.

Here at Greg’s Restorations we service, repair and restore muscle cars and in the process make them safer by adding power disk brakes, beefed up sway bars and modern tires and wheels.

If you are thinking about restoring a car of your dreams a muscle car is one of the more affordable options. Body panels are readily available and reasonably priced. The cars are relatively simple compared to a modern vehicle and easier to work on compared to an antique car.