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Here at Greg’s Restorations in Hayward we are all about improving the vintage driving experience for our customers with the installation of modern components on vintage, classic and muscle cars. This kind of customization is often referred to as a resto mod.

Of course there are the purists who believe these old cars should remain as they came from the factory. We can respect that, but we find customizations in safety and reliability have our customers enjoying their cars more than ever. Simple safety modifications like power disc brakes and seatbelts can give you the confidence to drive your car a little harder, more often, or with the kids or grandchildren securely belted in the back seat.

Volvo Sugga Rear

Suspension upgrades like sway bars, modern bushings, stiffer springs, performance shocks and radial tires can help eliminate the poor handling and body roll that was the hallmark of American muscle cars of the 60s and 70s.

A majority of the restomods we perform do not change the look of the vehicle. They are generally improvements to the cars existing components and in many cases they are modifications originally available as options, but not factory installed at the time of purchase. Examples would be power brakes, steering and windows.

If you own a vintage, classic or muscle car stop by Greg’s Restorations in Hayward, Wisconsin to talk over what modifications will help make your car faster, safer, easier and more fun to drive.