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4 x 4 Restorations

Restoration and customization of vintage 4×4 vehicles is one of our specialties here at Greg’s Restorations in Hayward. To date we have restored Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Pickup Trucks, several Jeep CJs, a WWII Military Jeep, a Volvo “Sugga” and a Willys Pickup.

Military Jeep

Each 4×4 restoration an customization project presents it’s own unique challenges. By design, 4x4s were made to be used in harsh conditions which takes a toll on mechanical parts and body panels. These vehicles often need extensive rust repair, bodywork, steering gear and suspension work as they have usually been used off-road or throughout the winter months.

Like all our projects here in Hayward we start with an assessment of the vehicle and a discussion with the customer about their wishes for the vehicle, their expectations and plans for future use. From there we come up with a plan based on owner expectations and budget.

Jeep CJ % in paint booth

For Total Restorations
Body panels and tub are media blasted to remove old paint and rust, while mounted on the rotisserie. The bare metal is inspected to determine what metal repairs are needed. Our metal fabricator has extensive experience with panel repair and fabrication. Problem areas are repaired or replaced as needed. Once all the metal has been reworked it is primed, blocked and prepped for paint.

Mechanical components undergo a detailed inspection. Hard to find original parts are rebuilt to factory specs or tracked down through our network of suppliers. Replacement parts are available that improve ride, handling and performance of many old 4x4s and we are happy to use them if the customer wishes.

A new wiring harness is highly recommended as they are fairly simple on the older 4x4s and go a long way in preventing future electrical problems.

Once the chassis mechanicals are sorted and restored they are reunited with the frame. The project really begins to take shape when the body is remounted with the frame. From there the wiring harness is installed and then the lights, gauges and electrical components are added. Finally the interior is installed and any trim and bumpers are fitted.